ACA Sanctioned Tournament Play

This is one of the cornhole rules. Any member of the ACA may host an AVA sanctioned Cornhole tournament. In addition, the responsibilities of ACA hosting member is responsible for making sure that the equipment meets all the ACA standards and the ACA rules of play are enforced during the tournament. The hosting member also should act as judge in resolving any ruling issues.

ACA Sanctioned Reporting Results


The hosting member needs to submit the ACA Official Statistical Reporting Summary for all ACA members. They should submit it within two weeks of the completion of play.

The standard method of play for an ACA sanctioned tournament is double elimination seated bracket style tournament plat. Round robin play may be used where each contestant plays every other contestant for the smaller tournament. winners shall be determined by win-loss records or hole in percentage at the end of round robin play. If ties occur, they shall be settled by a playoff, who-beat-whom or one of the other methods that were not used to determine the winner. Next, about the publicity of the tournament, All ACA sanctioned Cornhole tournaments will be posted on our up-coming tournaments list on the ACA website.

The ACA will also post your results, pictures, and comments requested by any ACA member. In addition, Handicapping may be used in open tournaments and league play. The amount of the handicap shall be determined by the tournament host or Judge. The ACA shall track and report the Cornhole results of all members that report their scores from ACA sanctioned tournaments. The ACA uses the Hole-In Percentage (HI%)as a basis for comparative rankings and awards. The ACA Cornholer of the Year will be selected and posted on the ACA website each Labor Day base on the play for the previous 12 months. Members hosting ACA sanctioned tournaments will be responsible for submitting ACA Official Tournament Scoring Summaries to the ACA at the completion of every ACA sanctioned tournament.


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