Human Handpicked And Free Channels On Hitsradio

Online Radios

The rise of online radios is unstoppable since more and more people have reoriented their lifestyle toward the “everything can be done with a smartphone”. It is pretty common since everything can be converted into app, starting from the programs that previously could only be installed in the PC until some functions that could be only be acquired by using a certain device such as radio. Therefore online radios is literally everywhere these days which provide us with tons of choices.


Good Recommendations

Amongst those online radios, there are some good recommendations to decide which radio that is the best amongst other radios on the internet. First, a good radio on the internet is the one which is human programmed. Human programmed radio means that the picked songs which available to be listened on a certain radio stations are chose by humans instead of programs. The difference between the human programmed and the “program” programmed radio on the internet is presumably huge. Human programmed radio is able to pick songs which are based on its popularity on the real life whereas the program programmed radio cannot do that obviously.

Amount of Channels

Another thing that should also be a consideration before we choose the best radio on the internet is the amount of the channels. The more the channels that are available on the radio are far better since we can simply choose a different channel once we are getting bored with the other one.


Seeing from those requirements for being the best radio on the internet, appears to be one of the most recommended online radios. This website provides over 25 channels which provide a different collection of music and all channels are handpicked by humans, also it’s all about free music. Therefore, we will listen to some good music which some of them are very popular these days.


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