If you are a MovieStarPlanet player who want to be able to get Starcoins as well as diamonds for free, MovieStarPlanet hack tool is one of the easiest way to do so. Not only will this hack tool give you the in-game currencies without you having to spend even a single penny, you can even get a VIP membership for up to twelve months easily! Simply follow these easy steps and you can generate unlimited amount of Starcoins and diamonds for your account in no time at all.

  1. Upon opening the MovieStarPlanet hack tool you will be prompted to enter your MovieStarPlanet user ID. Enter your username. This tool can also be used to generate Starcoins and diamonds for other accounts too, meaning that you can help your friends get unlimited amount of currencies for free as well.
  2. Enter the amount of diamonds you want the tool to generate. The hack tool does not limit the amount of diamonds you can get in one go, but the game does limit the amount of diamonds your account can get, capped at 999,999. Don’t worry, as you can always use the hack tool to generate more.
  3. Enter the Starcoins you want to generate. The amount of Starcoins is also capped at 999,999 in-game, but similarly to diamonds you can always come back and use the MovieStarPlanet hack tool to add more if you are running low on Starcoins.
  4. If you want to generate a free VIP membership subscription to your account, you can also do so. Choose between all the available VIP membership terms, from one month to twelve.
  5. Make sure that the Ban Protection is turned on to ensure that your account will not be blocked.
  6. Click the “Generate” button, and login to your MSP account to see the free Starcoins and diamonds you now have.

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