Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Green Super Sonic


Some Cheap Patagonia outlet online provides outfits for hiking. One item that we will need when we go hiking and climb a mountain is a sweater. Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Green Super Sonic is on promotion program. We can get the sweater by paying $165.13. This price has been lower than the original one, which is $412.83. Aside from the good promotion price, this sweater is also good and suitable for hiking.

Product Specification
The Down Sweater type is needed for the climbing high mountain which will take days to get to the peak of the mountain. The goodness of this Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater is that this sweater is not heavy to bring and wear. Then, when we wear it, we will not feel any wind. This Down Sweater will warm us perfectly in cold weather. Besides for hiking, this Down Sweater is also stylist enough to be wear for cold days in the city.

About Patagonia

Men’s Down Sweater gives us warm without getting heavier. This lightweight Down Sweater is good to be worn on the freeze days as an outerwear or a mid layer. The sweater which is made from 100% polyester ripstop shell will be perfect to be worn on a windy day and snowy day. This Down Sweater is resistant from water, the wind, and snow. The fabric is also strong, because of the Deluge DWR which is known for its high tear-strength. We will have a perfect warm while we are out in the cold day. Besides that, this sweater is featured with two zippered hand warmer pockets. With this Down Sweater, we will not need a glove. The cuffs and the draw cord hem are designed with nylon-bound elastic which do not make the wind enter through. We will get a great sweater which gives warm perfectly.

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