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About Free Government Phones

Have you ever heard about the so called DiscoverLifeLine government assistance program? Or you are probably more familiar with the term Obama phone? Well, which term you have ever heard before, there are some government aid programs that are designed to help poor and needy people achieve better standard of life. You may not always be given (free) money, but you are certainly given better ways and access to improve your standard of life.

Free Cell Phone Program

The free government cell phones program started even before the existence of the cell phone itself. The so called Lifeline Assistance program – or most people know it as Obama phone – is designed to help people get better access to communication. Government is willing to give away free phones to those who can’t afford it. They understand that poor and underprivileged people have limited access to almost everything, so they want to change it. Giving away free phones may not seem important or crucial, but it will be different once you are the one given that better access.

When you have a cell phone, at least you have better access to better communication. You can contact new potential employers and they can reach you more easily. You can also reach out to your loved one, reducing concern and burden of constantly worrying about them. Giving away free cell phone may not be important for you, but it does matter to certain people. You can find more info at

The Requirements

Naturally, there are some requirements that you need to meet if you want to participate in this free government phones giveaway. If you are considered credible, you will be granted the free phones, as well as the monthly service. Keep in mind, though, that the cell phones may not be the sophisticated ones – you can’t really expect getting an iPhone or the latest Android device. But the phone will be decent, and most importantly, working normal.

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