3 First Levels of Sophrology for Beginners

Anxiety and depression are parts of your life, but you cannot just ignore them. Although you do not realize it, your ignorance can lead you to more severe psychological problems that will become great obstacles to your life. This is the moment to try the so-called sophrology, a therapy to help you coping with your stress so you can find the harmony of your body and mind. After trying this, many people are curious of how to become a sophrologist (devenir sophrologue), maybe you are also interested in it.


When you learn sophrology, you will find out that this therapy has 12 levels of practice that should be done step by step. The levels are created to make it easier for you finding the balance between your body and mind. No need to rush, every level has its own objective to meet. Therefore, just take your time and do the step by step for beginners below:

Level one

Before going to this level, you will be given an introduction to sophrology, containing the principles and tools you are going to use. After that, you can go to the first level of sophrology that aims at enhancing body awareness, releasing deep tensions and encouraging awareness to the present. In general, this level helps you to feel more confident, focused and grounded.

Level two

What do you get from the previous level? Now, it is the time to move to the next level. This step aims at exploring your mind that is reflected in your imagination, level of concentration and creativity. If you have positive mind, you will have better present and a more positive future.

Level three

When you know more about how your mind is, it will be easier to go to deeper union of body and mind. You are taught to reduce mind limitation, meaning that what you can do to your life is nearly unlimited. In this way, you can enjoy your present even more.


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