Breaking the Contra Versions of Carrageenan

We have known that the use term of carrageenan is often confused with poligeenan. The two of them are completely different. The carrageenan has been used for very long time in the food. it is the thickener and stabilizer of dairy and meat products.

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The carrageenan even can be produced traditionally in your kitchen. It is a historical content in many traditional foods of China and Irish. Fortunately, only small part of us know well that carrageenan is included in dairy products like milk, chocolate, yoghurt, etc. therefore, to break misconception about the carrageenan, here are some explanations about the carrageenan.

Discussion about carrageenan

Knowing that people debate about the yes or no of carrageenan, surely make you think is carrageenan bad? Although there are some researches and statements have been published about the topic, it is impossible for all of people to read them. here I will simplify the discussion why carrageenan is actually really safe.

Carrageenan is derived from the extraction of a type of red seaweed. It is extracted through the gentle boiling and filtering process, until the form of carrageenan powder is made. The carrageenan itself is contained in the seaweed grows in the coastal area near Carragheen, Ireland.

Although EU only allows the carrageen in foods but infant formula, there is another opinion. There is a review from the Joint Expert Committee of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and WHO (World Health Organization) in 2015. On that review of Food Additives (JECFA), they stated that carrageenan in infant formula in the maximum of 1000 mg/L. furthermore, the use of carrageenan in foods is allowed in US. whether it is organic or non-organic food, it is safe. thus, the use of carrageenan is safe if the producer follows the standard amount.

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