ELiquid for Sweet Tooth

There are many flavors of e liquid which you could try. One of the famous flavors from the ELiquid is the sweet one. Many dessert foods become the inspiration as the taste for the ELiquid. You could taste sweet while you are smoking.
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Milkshake for the ELiquid is the taste of vanilla almond milkshake. This sweet drink is so delicious and it could be fresh when you drink it while the weather is hot. If you want to taste the milkshake without feeling guilty, smoking with taste milkshake could not be full of calories and sugar.


Another flavor from the ELiquid which you should try is Fluffer. It tastes as the cereal marshmallow square treat. It seems like you could taste your breakfast anytime. You do not have to consume the calories from the cereal and sugar from the marshmallow. You should try this flavor.

Apple butter

Apple pie for dessert is so good. And now, you could try it on the vaporizer. You could taste the sweet apple pie a la mode. This kind of flavor could be familiar with anyone. You may be going to like it when you have tried it.


Banana, nut, and bread are common food which you usually eat. The combination of the banana, nut, and bread creates delicious food. Now, it is used as one of the flavors for the vaporizer. Generally, people will like the taste. When you try this flavor, you may not taste anything different. But, adelicious combination of banana, nuts, and bread could be great for smoking.


The gentleman taste is a smooth caramel vanilla tobacco. If you usually find out that tobacco only tastes menthol or tasteless, you should try this. You could taste thesweet taste of caramel and vanilla in tobacco smoothly.

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