Misinformation about Carrageenan and Side Effects

Carrageenan side effects are probably the topics that you mostly heard when talking about processed foods and drinks. The health fanatics are usually scared about carrageenan with no apparent reasons. They heard the rumors and they don’t even bother to find out the facts. They are scared out of their wits and yet they can’t really explain the reason for their paranoid fright. That’s why it is important to be smart and wise, including in choosing the right food products for you and your family.

Carrageenan: What Is It?


Carrageenan is basically a thickener or a preservative used in the food industry. Yogurts, ice creams, and chocolate milk have the soft and frothy texture, thanks to this preservative. It is a natural food thickener that has been used in the food industry for more than 50 years. Yes, it is used in the processed foods but in terms that the thickener is natural and chemical addition is minimized. After all, no one wants to have watery ice creams and yogurts and this is the main function of the carrageenan itself.

Use your logic. This natural preservative has been used in the food industry for more than 50 years and most of the products have been tested. They have been approved by the FDA which means that they are pretty safe. It would be impossible for the FDA to approve the products when they find something suspicious or dangerous about the products. You can determine whether the carrageenan is safe or not from this simple fact.

The Misinformed Fact

However, there has been a study involving a dangerous substance called as the poligeenan and it is often related to the carrageenan because they come from the same source – the algae. However, the process to turn the algae into a carrageenan is different from the one to turn into a poligeenan. But most people are mostly misinformed and they don’t bother to find further information and knowledge about it.

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