Properties of carrageenan

Carrageenan is safe and it’s a natural product which is assigned to the organic food ingredient. Carrageenan places a vital role in today food items due to its huge benefits. There are four types of carrageenan are available in the market and each of the type will give a unique results when they are employed in the food items. The name of the 4 types is listed as below,

  • Kappa carrageenan,
  • Iota carrageenan,
  • Lambda carrageenan,
  • Kappa-2 carrageenan,

Built on the above types of carrageenan in the place where they used are different for each carrageenan.  Normally the use of carrageenan in the food items will provide a huge

Use of The kappa carrageenan and iota carrageenan in the food items will form thermally reversible gels in the foods with the help of potassium and calcium content in it. Food items with more protein powder like milk, soy and some other items similar to them are getting a gel structure when it combines with a carrageenan.

Another property of kappa carrageenan is simply not soluble in water and it needs more heat to hydrate completely. So that this type of carrageenan is synergistic with diverse kinds of gum products like locust bean and tea. To get more gum structure the combination of these gum gives a result of stronger gels forming with less syneresis.


The kappa-2 carrageenan is mainly used in the dairy products to serve as a thickening agent. In addition to the thickening property, the kappa-2 carrageenan has a gelling property and needs more heat soluble in water.

The lambda carrageenan is different from all other types which have completely soluble even in the cold water and it does not have to sell property, so that it is the best alternative for food items which need moisture content.

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