Some Facts about Carrageenan

The knowledge about carrageenan is not so wide. The carrageenan dangers are the common thing that people assume about the carrageenan. It seems that we need to know about carrageenan from the facts about the carrageenan. From some facts about carrageenan, we could know more about carrageenan from the original source. Sometimes, you need to know the original source that carrageenan. It may help you to know the carrageenan as good ingredient.

The facts about carrageenan



Carrageenan is the soluble fiber product which is derived from the red seaweed and a food addictive. Besides that, it has been consumed for hundreds of year around the world.

The red seaweed is the naturally occurring and sustainable aquaculture. It is the grown and harvested in warm and cold waters by an estimated more than 30,000 family farms on five continents. Besides that, most of the seaweed used by global carrageenan producer is sourced from family farms in Southeast Asia (primarily Indonesia and the Philippines). The source is also available in Tanzania in East Africa.

The seaweed farming usually provides the primary economic base for thousands of coastal communities and family-owned farms around the globe. The farming plays an important role in sustaining their families and communities.

The farmed seaweed industry estimates that 210 metric tons of red seaweed are harvested globally every year at a value over $250 million.

Then, carrageenan has been exported countless as products which preserving their texture, structure, and stability.

The carrageenan is a high molecular weight polysaccharide which consists of galactose sulfate and anhydrogalactose sulfate units. Besides that, it is a natural occurring and non-synthetic substance.

The carrageenan is available in several types. They are many different species of seaweed. They provide a large variety of properties in terms of solubility and texture.

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