Uses of carrageenan

The carrageenan is one the food ingredient which is extracted from the red seaweed. It has been used as a food ingredient over 100 of years to thicken your food. Commercially it was used in chocolate milk and junket and a milk dessert similar to pudding.

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In 1960 the carrageenan was found as pain killer which reduce the pain occur due to the peptic ulcers. The quantity of carrageenan need to provide as a pain killer for the user was extremely vicious and unpleasant to consume.

In addition to this normally the carrageenan is used as a thickening agent in most of the deserts. Other than these some of the common uses of carrageenan is listed below,

  • The carrageenan can be cooked with Meat, Poultry, and Seafood. The Water binding property of this carrageenan will give you maximize product yields, improved consistency, and fat replacement. And also the carrageenan has a property of meat and seafood analog binding.
  • The carrageenan can be used as a thickening agent in Dairy Products such as chocolate milk, frozen desserts, UHT milk, flans, puddings, low-fat cheese, cheese analogs. It will Provide a cocoa suspension, milk stability, emulsion stability, milk gelling.
  • The carrageenan can be used with a Cold Milk Powders diet powder mixes, nutritional beverage mixes, which provides a body and mouthfeel, suspends solids.
  • When the carrageenan is used with a Water Gel Desserts, it will give a wide range of textures and flavor release, all without the need for refrigeration to the deserts.
  • When the carrageenan is used with aToothpaste it will give a structure without masking flavors, unaffected to enzymatic breakdown.
  • When the carrageenan is used with aPet Foods it will act as a Binds water to provide a structure to them and prevents fat separation in canned, reported pet products.

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