Top Ways to Improve Instagram Followers

Instagram may become the most used social media now. It has had 300 million users since it was launched at 2010. Just like other social media, it’s always good to have more friends or followers. In this article, I’ll give you some useful ways to gain many Instagram followers.

Post the stunning photo regularly

The content of your posts will always define the amount of your follower. You need to know what kind of picture that will attract many people’s interest. It’s known that people will like Instagram post which is more personal. It’s like sharing your moment with the beautiful shoot. To increase your photo’s quality, you can choose the right filter for your picture. As you’ve already known that Instagram provides youthe variety of filters that can be easily applied to your photo. You can use some popular filters such as early bird, x-proll, rise, Valencia, amaro, lomo-fi and Hudson. You need to pick the proper tone for your picture. Then, you should remember than the more frequent you post picture at Instagram, the higher chance for you to get more Instagram followers.

Pick popular hashtags

Hashtag will allow your post to be found and viewed by all Instagram user with certain keywords. If you apply your photo with popular hashtag, your photo has more possibility to be seen and liked by many other people. If you’ve got the great pictures, there will be many people who start to follow your instagram profile. You can use these popular hashtags, such as instagood, instalike, tbt, love, instadaily, instapic, instacollage and photooftheday.

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Follow like-for-like accounts

It has been common thing that people are searching for many followers. In Instagram, there’re many accounts that put some words like ‘follow for follow’ or ‘like for like’ in their Instagram bio. You can try to follow these accounts so that they will follow you back. You can also use the hashtags which are associated with follower-gaining accounts. You can search using hashtags like follow4follow, followfriday, like4like, f4f and so on.


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