Top 6 Common Don’ts in Web Design

Web design is so important in building a great website. Your website should look shining and different from other websites. Designing website could be a complex and hard task to do because there are so many aspects you have to consider. Some designers may be trapped with the design itself and forget to deliver the purpose of that website. In order to build the best website, these are some points you have to avoid for your website.

Undelivered Content

Content is the king in the website. It means that good content can lead to a great website. Good concept of content is absolutely needed in creating well content, but you need other aspects to deliver the content purposes. Sometimes, undelivered good contents are caused by poor design, such as unreadable content. The use of too fancy fonts or choosing wrong font size can make the user feel uncomfortable to read your content.

Wrong Web Design

Term ‘wrong’ here means that you choose the poor web design that lead to wrong interpretation of your website. Never use basic-template web design which is boring and not original. Don’t confuse your client/user with crowded content and text. The use of so many colors also can bring into an uncomfortable user experience. Choose the web design طراحی سایتwhich really represents your products and doesn’t give ambiguity to your reader.

Poor Navigation

Never confuse your reader by picking complicated navigation. Just pick the navigation which is easy to find and read. Also don’t make so many links in your website, because it will look crowded and heavy. Just make it easy and simple for any user.

Using Music Background

This is the major don’t for your web design طراحی سایت because this thing can make your user immediately leave your website. For a professional website, never use any music background.

Too Many Advertisements


Take only proper space for your website. Never place your ad so close with the content and bother your reader in reading your content.

Browser Not Compatible

Your web design should be fit with any browser types. With the growing use of smart phone and other devices, the web design which fits various browsers is really needed.

I do believe that by avoiding those points above, you’re one step closer to have such a great website.

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