First Choice Power: How Does Power-to-Go Work?

With this plan, you can power your house using prepaid electricity. No deposit, credit check or long-term contract required.

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With First Choice Power, you have the power in your hands. The Power-to-Go prepaid electricity plans give you the control of your energy life. Use electricity as you see fit. Determine how and when you pay for it.

How does it work?


Simply sign up online and the company will confirm it in moments, either via text message or e-mail.


You will be able to make payments on your terms. That is, whether in person, over the phone or online.

You can enjoy reliable electricity, complete with easy access to your energy usage history.


When it is time to add money to your account, you will get reminder texts or e-mails, no more late payment because you forget it.

After you sign up, simply log into your Online Account Manager to make the first payment. Then, pay as often as you want and as much as you like. Just make sure that your account balance doesn’t drop below zero.

Paying on your terms

It is all about convenience. The company wants to make paying for your energy as simple as possible.

With the Power-to-Go plans, you will not receive a monthly electricity bill. Instead, you will receive occasional text messages or e-mails. For instance, when it is time to put a bit more money into your account. Even then, you are the one determining how much to pay and where to make that payment. To put it simply, you are in charge.

Pick your plan

With Variable-Rate Plan, the price you pay per kWh fluctuates with the energy market. This means you can take advantage when prices dip low.

With Free Power Saturdays, you can shift all your high-usage chores to Saturday as you will not pay for any electricity you use in your house that day.

With Free Power Weekends, you can shift those chores to Saturday and Sunday.

Want to find other electricity plans? Find out more in our website.

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