Important Facts about Dyspraxia

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“I got dyspraxia from the age of 3, I have been living with dyspraxia for the rest of my life; my youngest son was diagnosed to have dyspraxia.” Perhaps you once heard the sentences from somebody in your neighborhood or your relatives, but you keep questioning in your head what is dyspraxia? In short, dyspraxia is a condition when you have troubles with your motoric developments due to the inability of the nerve cells to send signals from brain to muscles or genetic factors, experts not yet completely sure about the causes of the disorders. However, as it deals with one’s nervous system, it is not contagious, don’t worry.

Besides that, there are still some other important facts to know about the motoric disorders. See what they are:

Anyone can have it

Yes, anyone can suffer from dyspraxia, I mean literally anyone from all ages. There are people who have it from early age, there are also those who are diagnosed to have it in their 20’s or 30’s. Therefore, it is a good idea to be always careful and aware of every change happens to yourself or your closest ones thus it can be treated immediately.

Different age, different symptoms

The interesting point of dyspraxia is that different symptoms appear in different ages. For instance when a toddler has it, he or she shows the signs like eating messily, talking slower than other toddlers, being unable to play ball, and so on. Meanwhile if a teenager has it, he or she may bump to things and people often, have troubles with following instruction, find hard to stand for a long time and so on.

It is a hidden problem

Boys are affected more often than girls, and unfortunately, even though they have the symptoms most of the time they are not diagnosed well. Sometimes they do not think their condition is a sign of something. That is why dyspraxia is considered as hidden problem.


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