The Different Between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus

The users of Whatsapp have reached 800 millions. That number is the combination from all country around the world. This application becomes popular and everyone’s favorite because of the varieties features. The instant messenger which is used phone number is kind of what we need. Sometimes, using email is too complicated. This application will be able to use by elderly people who do not understand sign up for email. Moreover, it can be used for kids who have not been qualified to own an email address. That is why many people have used it.


Now, there is also Whatsapp Plus. It is similar application but with more improvement from the original version. Basically, both Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus are the same. We could get the same features on both versions.

The similarity and the different

Both Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus have the basic features. Whether we Install WhatsApp Plus or regular Whatsapp, we will be able to use all the features. We can use them for instant text message with emoticons. We also can send picture or video messages. We also can make voice call. Those basic features are available in every version of Whatsapp.

But, if we install Whatsapp Plus, we surely will get more than just ordinary features. When we install Whatsapp Plus, we could get more options to personalize the application. Even though it is not official application, but it will get more features for us, especially in personalizing the application. With Whatsapp Plus, we can change the look of application. It is made with theme. We can change the look for the default to the more interactive look. Besides that, we are allowed to change the size and the color of the font. Then, the multimedia can be sent without resizing.


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