After signing up on and paying the initial deposit, you might be excited to start sports betting at least. It can be very tempting to see the many different types of bets you can make for quite a lot of different sporting events, from soccer to baseball to basketball, but before you start placing your bets by basing it on uncertain things such as luck and gut instinct, check out these tips to get started on sports betting that will help you climb up and be a more knowledgeable bettor faster!

  1. Keep it simple at first. While bet types such as parlay can be very tempting thanks to its offer of a large win, they are also more complicated and difficult to win when compared to other bets, and it is best to leave them for later after you have gotten the hang of sports betting better. Instead, stick to the simpler types of bets, even when it might not give you as large win as the others. Commonly recommended types of bets for beginners are over/under bets, as well as point spread.
  2. Create a bankroll and manage it well. Money management is important in sports betting, and it is something you need to learn if you want to avoid going broke from money mismanagement. Always set aside the money you want to use for sports betting, and manage it well. A 1% standard bet size is the general recommendation, although you can also go for 2% or 3% if you are feeling particularly good about a bet.
  3. Set your own goals. Your initial goal should not be winning thousands of dollars immediately. Rather, aim for a more modest goal, such as to break even. After you have achieved that goal, you can start setting higher goals.


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