How To Have Fun In Kuching To Bintulu Bus

So, when we have to take a bus to a long trip, this could be a little disaster for some people who are accustomed to fly. They should be accustomed to sitting in the small area and wait for hours to reach the destination. Let’s say a journey from Kuching to Bintulu bus. You know it is a longer bus ride and you should find something that can break your boredom.

Write something during Kuching to Bintulu Bus Journey

The long bus ride will give you different feel and scenery. Take it as an inspiration where you can draw it into great writing. Stare out the window and get yourself lost in the thought. Arrange plot and you will enjoy it! You must create a functional story to share on your blog.

It is time to Game!

Maybe you don’t like the game, but it works to make you enjoy the trip. You probably will not get a bus that doesn’t include the WiFi, hat’s why you should prepare to download the game applications before the departure. Today there are many games that are interesting to play, just like Clash of Clans, 8 Ball pool and much more which can accompany your journey in Kuching to Bintulu bus. If you are lucky, spend your time by socializing with your friends and family using WiFi access.

Do Your Job

This is the easiest way for a businessman who want to keep in touch with the client. If you hate to waste the time, doing your job during your journey in the bus will make you feel good. You can save time while avoiding boredom during the trip.

Have fun

When you have a super long journey, take it as an advantage. It is time for you to get socialized. You might be the solo travel, you can chat with other people near you. Just make it fun and great. You will never find something bad on the bus.

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