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Important Info to Get from Ferry Ticket Booking Website

                What kind of travel do you usually take when going to Batam? Especially if you leave from Singapore, you have another option besides booking an airplane ticket because the distance is just close thus travelling by a ferry is also a great idea. The next nice notion is that what if you do not need to go to the locket to book a ferry ticket? That will be awesome. You can sit comfortably in your sofa while going online to access www.easybook.com/ferry-ticket/Singapore-to-Batam_Center. Through the ticket booking site, you will be able to purchase a ticket without wasting your time queuing in the crowd with many people with different destinations. In other words, booking ferry ticket online is convenient.

                When you go to the website, there are plenty important information you are going to find. This is also the reason why you do not need to go to the harbor only for booking a ticket as everything has been there on the site. What kind of relevant information you will see there?

Departure time

                It is good to know there are many departure schedules from Singapore to Batam you can select. Whether you want to leave at 8 in the morning or 9 at night, you can find available seat from some companies. Have a look at your activity rundown and set your preference.


                As there will be more than one company who offer ferry tickets to you, you may be confused to choose one of them. There is one clever way to do it: consider the rating given by previous customers. It is assumed that the higher the rating, the better the service thus just take the highest rating receiver.


                How many available seat in the ferry? Find the information on the site to make sure you have enough place for you and your family. Pssst, you are also able to choose your seat.


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